The first Live Action Narrative short filmed on the RED Hydrogen phone, N.I.  was able to test its capabilities and use technology to its advantage.



Filming with prototypes and beta firmware, the camera team (Adrien Oniega, David Groves, Ketch Rossi, Patrick Alcerra and Aaron Barnett) played with different combinations of gear, from adding Beastgrip adapters and Leica R lenses to the phone to mounting it to MoVI freefly systems and Master Cinematographers ( Steadicam Air, a Tiffen Company and MC4 collaboration. Sal is partner's with Master Cinematographers, so the team also had access to a prototype of the Squish, an omnidirectional, horizon correction camera head designed and built with Wild Iron. The team installed the Filmic Pro app on the phone, enabling them to customize and lock some of the settings. Data transfer was easy, plugging the mini SD's  into the laptop and hard drives. Leia Inc, the company behind the Hydrogen display also did the 4V conversion for the Behind the Scenes footage. 

The Hydrogen has a great community based around it with - giving the team access to a lot of knowledgable people - a great resource in general. The cinema module that will be able to fit any lens will be out soon too, building the Hydrogen into a true cinema camera.

One of the Hydrogen phones filmed in holographic/H4V mode; the footage from that will be used for a behind the scenes segment of the short. The other cameras filmed in 2D/regular mode, exploiting the benefits of each shooting mode. The cast and crew had a lot of fun watching the H4V mode, something unique to the Hydrogen. 


Because the camera team was so nimble and able to find new coverage so quickly, they had to be hyper aware of the location of the sound team (Paul Wustrak and Avery Wustrak), keeping clear of the boom, and vice versa. Communication was key. 

The goal was to have as small of a footprint as possible, to keep things light and streamlined so that the team could focus on the creative. Shooting on the Hydrogen enabled them to do just that.